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Meet Our Owner — Gary Hymer

Gary was born in Kennewick, WA and has always had a passion for everything mechanical and automotive. After completing the General Motors Automotive Service Program at Arapahoe Community College, he spent his early years working at a dealership and repairing cars in his home shop. With a growing passion for personal customer service and an already strong desire to provide automotive care, Gary opened High Tech Automotive after moving to Wenatchee, WA.

Outside of High Tech Automotive, Gary loves spending time with his wife and their three kids. You’ll usually find them doing a variety of outdoor activities which include camping, riding dirt bikes, and watching their youngest child play hockey! Gary also has a deep love for anything motors and adrenalin, and it’s reflected in the variety of motorbikes that he owns!

Gary’s Technical Certifications

  • AAA Certified

  • GM Certified

  • ASE Master Certified Technician

  • ASE Certified Service Consultant

  • ASE Certified Parts Specialist

  • ASE Certified Drivability Specialists

  • ASE Blue Seal Certified

A Respect for Tech

When it comes to providing quality auto repair, we prepare for every situation that comes our way. For us, preparation means a dedication to continued education. Along with our technicians being ASE Certified, we also encourage them to continue their automotive education and learn about the latest tools and trends to come out of the auto repair industry. This education bodes well for our team, as our shop sees a variety of different vehicles each week. This is only amplified by the fact our shop accepts all makes and models. With the knowledge and certifications at hand, we’re confident that all of our technicians are familiar with each of the specific processes required for a vehicles model and brand.

An Appreciation for You

Simply put, we appreciate you and your business. We understand there are a number of different auto repair shops you can visit and we’re flattered that you trust us. It’s something we keep in mind everytime we walk into the shop in the morning. So, how do we keep you coming back? Well, it starts with a total view of your visit and observing how we interact with you at each touchpoint. We want to ensure that each encounter is friendly, productive, helpful, and most importantly — transparent. When you come in for a repair, we’ll first show you what you’re getting and how much it’ll cost. It is then up to you to approve the price and we will not proceed till you do. If you do, we’ll then perform the repair and provide you with a step-by-step breakdown of the repair we just made.

No hidden repairs and no surprise fees, because that’s non-negotiable. You deserve better than that, and we’ll provide it for you.

Schedule With High Tech Automotive!

If you need quality auto repair that’ll get done right, give High Tech Automotive in Wenatchee, Washington a call! Our team of ASE Certified technicians will have the skills and precision to provide your car with any repair service it needs. From simple preventative maintenance to a warped brake rotor, our technicians can handle it all. Give us a call at 509-992-1428 and schedule an appointment with us today! Need same-day service? No problem. Visit our shop at 1230 McKittrick Street ! We happily accept walk-ins!*

*Availability determined by daily schedule

It’s hard to write a bio about yourself – BUT what you need to know about me is that I opened High-Tech for the sole reason of providing the Wenatchee Valley with a quality auto repair facility that is clean, friendly, & trustworthy. I have always loved anything to do with motors (much to my mother’s and my wife’s frustration) so after years of working in dealerships, it was time to open a place where we all feel like family AND I get to meet great people and still deal with motors. It is important to me that you feel like you are part of our High-Tech family when you walk through those doors. Come in and meet my staff and know that we understand you are super busy and need your vehicle repaired right and on time. My hobbies are simple – anything that has to do with motors. Seriously – I’m even trying to find a way to put a motor on my wife’s paddle board (even though she says it defeats the purpose). But I do also like spending time with my kids whenever I can. They are adults now but I treasure every moment I can. Come in and be a part of our family – we promise to take good care of you, your family, and your car.

Please meet Chuck! Chuck is our shop manager & service advisor and has worked for High-Tech since we opened back in 2004. Chuck is the perfect manager for several reasons:

  • He knows vehicle repair and loves people – perfect match!

  • He is ASE Master Certified which makes it easier for him when it comes to understanding your needs for both for the vehicle itself AND for your busy daily life.

  • He enjoys working for High-Tech because it is a family atmosphere – for customers & employees alike!

  • Chuck is a family man who loves to race obstacle courses (Mudder, for example) with his wife, boating & hiking with his family, & riding motorcycles.

We could go on and on about Chuck, but when you come in, you will be happier for just having had the opportunity to meet him. (One funny thing to note: he loves to drink mochas – but ONLY after swirling it and then drinking it through a straw from the side of his mouth. If you notice this, it is A-OK to mention this to him! Better yet, bring him one and see for yourself!)

We would love for you to meet Dennis. Dennis has been part of our High-Tech family for several years and one of our favorite things about him is that he always makes us laugh! His family, soccer, working out, and walking the dogs are some of his favorite things. Dennis is ASE certified and his favorite thing about High-Tech? We all look out for each other! Heck yeah – Dennis, we got you! (Oh, and if you have any good intel on Bigfoot, please share it with Dennis!)

You must come in and meet Chelsea face to face. Chelsea is one of our service advisors and, being the only female at the front counter, she is brave, oh so smart, witty, and just a little competitive. She loves working at High-Tech because of the family atmosphere, our great customers, and the challenging nature of the business. Things you must know about Chelsea:

  • Her hobbies include: camping, hiking, dirt biking, reading, and just being with her kids.
  • She is always smiling & laughing – even in awkward situations. That’s one reason why we adore her!
  • This says it all – her favorite saying is “Well behaved women seldom make history.” (Although Chelsea is well behaved – like I said, she is a bit competitive!)

We promise – when you come in, Chelsea will make you smile!

Corey, our resident comedian. Corey’s favorite saying: I can’t do it never yet accomplished anything; “I will try” has performed wonders. Please come in and meet Corey – guaranteed you will laugh! He says his favorite thing about High-Tech is that we are all a great group of people and super knowledgeable. Guess that is why he is part of our team! Besides his sense of humor, Corey brings to the team years and years of automotive experience and is ASE Master Certified. Besides being an excellent technician, one of our favorite things about Corey is that he lists ‘raising his girls’ as HIS favorite hobby (and….he loves racing RC cars). Talk about family!

“Learning never exhausts the mind” is Chance’s favorite quote and it suits him! Chance is always learning and striving to be the best – the best technician and the best person he can be. When Chance isn’t working for High Tech, you will find him enjoying the outdoors with his friends & family (or even possibly working on vehicles at home!). He likes working for High Tech because “every day is different and challenging”. We are always learning and striving to be the best so Chance is the perfect fit to our team! When you see Chance, ask him how Monkey is doing. (Monkey is his cat.) Thank you for being part of our team, Chance!

She doesn’t work on vehicles (thank goodness!) – she really knows nothing about cars other than she certainly likes to drive them! But she loves muscle cars (which makes her A-Ok in our book) and she loves High Tech! What she loves most is having a superb team of technicians and crew whom she can rely on any time, for any reason. Whether it’s her own vehicle that needs work or even if it’s to settle Gary down a bit, she loves relying on the High-Tech crew! Besides being the most awesome wife ever, Jenny brings fun & balance to our team right when we need it.

Hi, I’m Moto! As Director of Human Emotions, I focus my daily activities around reminding everyone not to take themselves too seriously and that when things get busy and the Teams’ minds are starting to seize-up, the best thing they can do is to play…with me. In fact, the reason you all get such good service is because I am here working so hard to keep the team smiling. My whole purpose in life and at High Tech is to remind everyone of the value of a hug (or a pet), a smile, and a bit of play time.