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What Does Your Transmission Do?

Out of all the components found in your vehicle, the transmission system is the most complicated piece. Your transmission is responsible for changing the gears in your car and helps you move forward and backward. Without it, your vehicle wouldn’t be able to move! So when you find yourself having transmission problems, it’s important that you have the right people working with your vehicle. You need professionals that will assess and fix any problem your transmission may have, the right way. Fortunately for you, the High Tech Automotive team is that group of professionals.

High Tech Automotive’s ASE Certified technicians will have the expertise and precision to accurately diagnosis what’s wrong with your transmission system and provide the repair you need. Regardless of what problem you may have, we’ll help fix the problem and provide you with tips to help avoid it in the future! With over 10 years of experience in transmission repair, take comfort in knowing that our team can help you!

Signs You Need Transmission Repair

Determining if your transmission system is operating properly can be a difficult task. A handful of their signs also coincide with other issues, so it’s hard to pinpoint the direct cause. With that being said, there are a few ways to determine if your transmission is starting to run into problems. Wondering what they may be? No worries, the High Tech Auto team has you covered!

Warning Lights

Many modern vehicles are equipped with a warning light for their transmission system in their dashboard, so this one is pretty easy! Simply check your dashboard and see if a warning signal for your transmission is on. If so, then it’s worth sending your vehicle to us so it can get checked out. Though this won’t always be the case, a common problem that triggers the warning is the transmission temperature running too hot. If this light gets triggered, make sure you check the transmission fluid and engine coolant levels!

Fluid Leaks

Transmission fluid helps your car’s shift gears and, unlike motor oil, isn’t consumed or burned. If you notice fluid in your driveway or you see that the fluid is running low, it is a clear sign that your car is leaking transmission fluid! Some typical causes for a fluid leak include worn seals and gaskets, unbalanced drive shift, disconnected cooler line, and damaged bell housings. If you do have a leak, please make sure to bring your vehicle to our shop. These leaks can not only hurt your vehicle, but also the environment!

Slipping Gears

When you shift gears, your transmission should quickly and smoothly move from one gear to the next. If you notice that your car is struggling to “catch” as you shift gears, there is a slight hesitation between shifting, or it doesn’t respond at all, then there is a clear problem with your transmission system. If this is a problem, make sure to bring your car into our shop immediately. If not promptly taken care of, you could be placing you and your passengers in harm’s way!

Schedule Your Transmission Repair With Us!

When your vehicle runs into transmission issues, you want the best people to handle the repair. If you’re ready for quality transmission repair, then High Tech Automotives is the professionals for you! Our ASE Certified technicians have the skill and expertise to provide any transmission repair you need. From a worn out clutch to leaking transmission fluid, no problem is too complicated for us! Give us a call at 509-662-4426 and schedule an appointment with us today! Need emergency transmission repair? No problem. Visit our shop at 1230 McKittrick Street ! We happily accept walk-ins!*

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