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Why You Need a Brake Repair

When we drive our vehicles, we expect our brakes to keep us safe. Nothing is scarier than when our brakes start to deteriorate or malfunction. The situation can leave us, our passengers, and other drivers in grave danger. So when you need quality brake repair, you need professionals that know what they’re doing. Professionals that get the job done, the right way. We’re, of course, talking about the professionals at High Tech Automotive.

At High Tech Automotive, we have a roster of ASE Certified technicians that are ready and waiting to get your brakes back to the standard you expect. We’ll have the tools and precision to repair or replace your brakes so you can drive with confidence and peace-of-mind! Whether it’s changing brake pads or replacing a brake rotor, our technicians can handle it all! With over ten years of brake repair experience, know that our team can help you regardless of the problem!

Signs You Need a Brake Repair

When it comes to maintaining your brakes, the best thing you can do is to watch your driving habits. Making sure you’re not stopping abruptly or riding the brake pedal will help extend the life of your brake pads. With that said, eventually your brakes will wear out and you’ll have to go in for a brake repair or replacement. Fortunately, there are plenty of signs that’ll inform you when it’s time to get those brakes inspected! Unsure of what those signs are? Here are things you should keep your eye (or ear) out for!

Squeaking or Squealing

When you hear these sounds from your brakes, it indicates that your brake pads are wearing out and you should have them replaced soon. A lot of brake pads will come equipped with a small spring or metal “hairs” that will scrape the metal when the pads have reached a minimal amount of thickness. Make sure to visit our shop and have those brake pads replaced as soon as you can!


If you start hearing this sound, please stop driving and bring your car into our shop immediately. This indicates that your brake pads have completely worn out and your unprotected steel calipers are now rubbing against the brake rotors. If left unattended, this will eventually lead to deep grooves in your brake rotor and could eventually warp the brake rotor entirely. This can cost you hundreds of dollars on repairs or you may have to completely replace the brake rotor, which is also very expensive.

Spongy Brakes

When drivers use their brakes, they expect them to be tight and responsive. It’s designed this way so if you find yourself in a dangerous situation, you can quickly stop and avoid it. If you find yourself pressing the brake pedal a lot further than normal, you have spongy brakes. Though there is a handful of problems that cause it, the main one is air and moisture being trapped in your brake line. Make sure to bring your car into our shop before you find yourself in a “no brakes” scenario!

Schedule Your Brake Repair With Us!

Your car needs quality brakes. Without them, you place yourself and a number of other people in danger. So when you find yourself needing brake repair, make sure to send your car into High Tech Automotive. Our team of ASE Certified technicians will have the tools and technology to quickly repair or replace your brakes so you can drive safely on the roads. Give us a call at 509-662-4426 and schedule an appointment with us today! Starting to hear that grinding sound and need immediate service? We have your back. Visit our shop at 1230 McKittrick Street ! We happily accept walk-ins!*

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