What You Need to Do

Any vehicle owner knows that you need to stay on top of your vehicle’s maintenance to ensure it is always performing at its best. One of these tasks is a monthly oil inspection. This inspection gives you insight into the condition of your car’s motor oil and if it needs to be changed. Although it’s easy to have an auto shop do it, this inspection is quite easy to perform if you know what to look for. At High Tech Automotive, we want to help you perform a comprehensive oil check. Here’s what you need to do during your monthly oil inspection!

Check The Level

Before inserting the dipstick into the engine, make sure you clean off any old oil stains that may be on it. Once clean, reinsert the dipstick and inspect the fresh oil stains left behind. Is the oil at the full line or right below it? If so, then you are at the proper oil level. If it’s in the middle, at the low line, or even below it, you’ll need to add additional oil to the engine. Low oil level is bad for the engine, is it won’t be able to properly clean and lubricate it and will eventually starve the entire system!

Inspect The Quality

After you’ve inspected the level of the oil, check its quality. Is it clear and have an amber color to it? That means your oil is still healthy, and it’s safe to have it cycle through the engine. Is the oil dark and dirty? If so, don’t worry! That simply means the oil is doing its job in keeping the engine clean and lubricated. The only issue is that you should not keep this oil in your vehicle, as it can cause problems down the line. We recommend an oil service as soon as possible!

Add The Proper Amount & Right Oil

Once you’ve inspected the level and determine the oil quality is still good, you need to add more oil to the engine. Make sure you select the right oil for your vehicle, which you can find out by looking at the owner’s manual. Once you’ve selected the right oil, use a funnel to add the oil slowly. You don’t want to add too much oil, as overfilling the engine is just as bad. Make sure to add oil in small increments and check the dipstick frequently. This ensures you get the level just right!

If you see that your vehicle is due for its next oil change, make sure to schedule it with High Tech Automotive in Wenatchee, Washington! We’ll make sure your vehicle is always filled with high-quality motor oil!