Auto Repair in Wenatchee, WA

Preventative Maintenance for Your Vehicle

Your vehicle is likely one of the most expensive purchases you’ll make in your life, second only to your home. It makes sense, then, that you’d want to take good care of your vehicle. Preventative maintenance is one way to care for your car in a way that leads to more expensive and extensive problems in the future. High Tech Automotive wants to be your go-to for all the maintenance services your vehicle needs.


The first kind of preventative maintenance you should perform is to inspect your vehicle, top to bottom, to make a note of problem areas. Look at the parts of the vehicle you might not think of often, like your windshield wipers and headlights, to ensure they’re in good working order. Simple problems can grow into larger issues if you’re not paying attention.

Oil Changes

It’s important to have your oil and oil filter changed regularly. Depending on the type of oil you use in your vehicle, you’ll have different intervals at which the manufacturer recommends changing your oil. You should also check your oil regularly. The level of oil is almost as important as the quality of the oil in your engine. If your oil is low or dirty, it’s time for an oil change.

Other Fluids

There are other fluids in your vehicle that need to be maintained beyond the motor oil. If you’re unfamiliar with the levels and qualities of these fluids, you might consider asking your mechanic to check these levels for you. Our technicians at High Tech Automotive would be pleased to help you with this maintenance task.


Belts transfer power from one component of your engine to another. That means ensuring efficient motor function. You need to inspect and replace your belts when they are worn. This is especially important for manual transmission vehicles where a faulty timing belt or chain can snap and cause significant engine damage.

Engine Air Filter

Your engine’s air filter keeps dirt and debris from getting into your engine and gumming it up. It’s important to change your air filter to avoid problems that arise when your engine isn’t getting enough air.

Preventative maintenance will extend the life of your vehicle and keep you on the road. Your owner’s manual may include a schedule of preventative maintenance to follow. The next time you’re ready to have a technician check your vehicle’s systems, why not bring it to High Tech Automotive in Wenatchee, WA, and let our technicians look it over for you?